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‘A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position’ these words are so apt for Mr. Sunil Ballani the promoter and the admin of Mahaarana Industries Pvt. Ltd. The place where he has reached today is because of his passion for working on e-waste management.
People generally plan to build on new things, and projects but Mr. Ballani decided to do something which is not done by everyone and got into the field of e-waste management. He understood the need to manage the e-waste in the growing technology today and people’s run towards progress wherein the e-waste was left behind with no one to look after.
He decided to get the breakthrough with his colleagues and mentors and started working towards the recycling process for e-waste management as it is the rich source of metals, plastic, and glass to be recovered and brought back into use.
Mr. Sunil Ballani took into consideration the negative impacts of the untreated e-waste on air, land, and water and a challenge to recycle this waste as it would be a real difficult task and so his urge to work towards the upliftment of the society and the people led him to do this noble work so let’s lend our support to this kind gesture towards the society.

Business Profile : 

  • Vibrant Ventures (Partner)
  • Dwarkadhish Salt(Partner)
  • K Naman (Partner)
  • Devbhumi Salt (Partner)
  • Mahaarana Industries Pvt Ltd (Director)

Corporate Office

C -503 D, Ganesh Meridian, Opp.Gujarat High Court , S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Recycling Unit

Survey No 466 and 475, Village Timba , Ta. Daskroi, Dist.Ahmedabad

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