Corporate Social Responsibility

We increasingly often hear about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Many companies like to contribute to society or wish to minimize the environmental impact of their activities. Our sector offers excellent opportunities in this respect, for example, by recycling electronic devices. Together, we can maximize the separate collection of devices at the end of their lifespan and ensure that they are sorted and recycled in the best possible way.

Discarded appliances can be handed in at the civic amenity site or at retailers. Mahaarana Recycling (MIPL) also believes in the local collections by e.g. schools or sports clubs. One notices that this raises awareness in adults and children alike. They are actively involved and hence make sure that more devices can be recycled. That is why we, together with our partners, organize collection campaigns such as the e-waste race and EcoSupporter. They have proven their effectiveness.

Proper recycling of MIPL contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect, as there will be less need for new raw materials and there is a reduction of CO2 emissions. In short, CSR and MIPL are a highly effective combination.

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